Day 4 - A Night in the Dark

Today we woke up to the same breakfast as before and followed out our usual routine of getting ready and leaving at 9:30 am. Today school did not start until 12:30, but our partners (the ones we are working with) came to school early for our lesson. The students crowded into the hot computer lab where they were given name tags to color. While coloring their name tags Lynna and Madeleine presented their PowerPoints. They explained that they students would be making their own PowerPoints and that there are many different effects that can be added to make them creative and fun.

Next the students were given their own cameras to take photos with. They ran around the school in excitement, taking pictures of their classrooms, soccer fields, and friends. Not much time passed before we departed for lunch. Many TSC members ate pasta today. They said it was nice to eat a food they were familiar with for a change.

A cool thing about Nicaragua is the vast variety of fruits. Every day we drink a different juice with lunch. I’ve already drank lemon, mango, orange, pineapple, star fruit, and even beet juice. Most of them are delicious, but the beet juice was not a big hit.

After lunch we had our first Spanish lesson. There were 2 or 3 students per teacher. Most of the teacher did not speak any English, and it was very interesting to hear the language being taught all in Spanish. The first part of the lesson was about grammar, but the second half just had a conversation completely in Spanish. The second half was the most helpful because you were forced to pay close attention and try very hard to understand, causing you to learn many new words.

Once Spanish lessons were over, and we were back at the Finca, we were once again asked to teach English. However, this time teaching was much easier because we were teaching English one. Andrew, a Peace Corps volunteer, wrote a list of questions on the board. The questions included “what is your name” “how old are you” “do you have any siblings?” There was one TSC member per group of 4, and our job was to ask the questions to the students and help them answer correctly. This was one of my favorite parts because it was very interesting to see how very basic English is taught and the students were very enthusiastic making it very fun to teach them.

After the English class and a competitive game of volleyball we returned to the Finca. On our way we stopped at a small homey café owned by an English speaker. We enjoyed refreshing snacks, such as juice and ice cream.

Back at the Finca things got a little complicated. The power was out, and because it gets dark around 6 or 7 in Nicaragua, finding things was quite difficult. We ate dinner by candle light. The dim glow of the candles created the perfect peaceful atmosphere. But soon the candles burnt out, causing for an early bedtime.


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