Day 5 - Blanco y Yo (just for Madeleine)

Hey everyone. This is Sophia Liu writing the blog since we all decided that it would be fun if we had other people write the blogs too.

So, to start off, the trip so far has been a craze…a bit like a rollercoaster (as you probably know from the past blogs by Emily). Today, we finally got to spend some private time with our buddies. Like the day before, we woke up at 8am, ate breakfast at 8.30am and then left at 9.30am.

When we finally arrived at the school (a little after 10 but it was okay) we taught the kids how to upload the photos that they took yesterday with their given cameras. We taught them how to use Microsoft Picture Manager (I think that’s what it’s called and it’s where you fix the photos that you took so it’s a bit like editing the photos) and then some of us started teaching the kids how to use PowerPoint before the electricity completely burned out when we had 10 minutes left of the lesson (we end at 11.30am).

Since so many of us were devastated (not really of course…) the boys decided to go and play volleyball outside in their small court (where they also played soccer and basketball and other sports but I’m not so sure about the other sports). And that was when the electricity decided to work again. But then it shut down and you could hear (almost) everyone scream out ‘YAY’ from the other side of the school.

At about 12, we finally went off to lunch with our buddies and groups of 4 (some of us 5, adding a chaperone). We met at the Mano Amiga (which is also where we are taking our Spanish lessons) and heard a small talk from the ‘boss’ Roberto about the community and what he was doing to help the people in Ometepe Island have more resources.

And then we went off to the lake/river. We stayed for about 45 minutes maybe, playing in the water and relieved to be in cold air for about 45 minutes. After that we went off to the lake to go fishing! That was probably the highlight of our day and of course, I can’t miss the fact that we were finally allowed to swim! The water was cool yet warm at the same time and it was absolutely bliss!

After about 45 minutes of playing/fooling around in the water with our buddies still, the canoes/kayaks finally came. 5 in total if I remember correctly. Off we go to sea! The view was absolutely amazing with the clear horizon in the somewhat close yet far distance and the volcano somehow felt like it was towering over us, the king, yet it was also far, far away. The breeze that came through while sitting on the boat was, once again, amazing beyond the point of description.

Then came the hard bit: fishing. Although, I have to say, Hugo has a nack of catching fish! He stole everyone else’s fame on the same boat as him with catching all 6 fishes. He was awesome. Although I have to put a note in here to say that Madeleine was actually the first person that caught a fish, boosting her ego (as she kept on repeating herself over and over again as Hugo caught more and more fish). I don’t quite know how much fish we caught but I am positive that there was at least over 15. I somehow felt bad since the Nicaraguans couldn’t take anything home. Still, it was a nice day.

We returned home with pouring rain soaking our bodies in a mere seconds (not joking there!) and blurring our vision to the point where we were just blindly walking. Dylan did the honor of running back to the Finca with the laptop. We all got back to the Finca with puddles of water landing on the ground with every step we took. Some of us got straight into the room (as soon as Lynna unlocked it) and changed into dry clothes while others of us decided that jumping into the shower was the priority; it pretty much depended on the person. So like that, our day came to a quick and super wet end with another group meeting, talking about what we are going to be doing tomorrow.

Thanks for the attention and can’t wait to get back to Seattle!

Blanco y Yo


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