Day 6 - The Last Night at the Finca

We woke at the usual time to a very unusual situation. Things in the Finca had taken a turn for the worst as we discovered that some of our items had been stolen from our room. In the middle of the night, a person had searched the hostel; taking all items of value. The thief took Lynna’s backpack. Left in its place was her wallet, stripped of money and containing only her identification. Though she still has her duffle bag of clothes, she must go without her camera and other belongings. Good thing Lynna is a positive person. Nothing else was stolen, and everyone is safe.

Because today is the weekend, the students do not attend school. Instead we took them on a hike to a waterfall. Although the hike was only 2 miles, it took us over two hours to complete because of the intense heat. I found it amazing how some of the Nicaraguans who were hiking in jeans and sandals, made it up the mountain faster than some of the TSC members.

The hike was beautiful. The beginning was a wide pathway with little shade and a gradual increase in elevation. Cows laid casually in the path, not bothering to look up was we passed no more than 5 feet away. As we hike father up the mountain and farther into the forest, the atmosphere changed from a dusty bare path, to a shady narrow path full of life. Gecko’s and lizards scurried from the path as we stepped and exotic birds filled the trees creating many unfamiliar sounds.

Once at the waterfall, everyone stripped down to swimsuits and went swimming in the small pool the waterfall poured into. The water seemed extra refreshing because everyone was so hot. We sat at the top of the hike for quite awhile, enjoying fresh watermelon and cookies.

For lunch we took the bus to a hotel and ate a delicious buffet meal. Man was it good to eat pesto! We returned back for our last night at the Finca. Everyone packed at enjoyed their final snooze in the hammocks. Tired from the hike, everyone feel asleep quickly, anxiously awaiting the home stays just around the corner.


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