Days 10, 11 & 12 - The Days of the Broken Computer

I apologize for the lack of blogs but because of the broken laptop, it has been hard to find working computers. As an attempt to catch up to date, I will combine the highlights of the 3 days following the home stays into one blog. With the new location, Asi es Mi Tierra, came bad weather. Differing from the usual quick downpour, the rain is constant and light. The rain and wind has had multiple negative affects, Not only are we constantly wet, but the faulty power is constantly out in the lab, making teaching a difficult act.

Day 10 7/13/11

It was hard to say goodbye to the families come morning, especially for the team members who do not speak much Spanish. Many people promised to return to the house for final goodbyes before leaving the island for good. Once at the lab we began teaching scratch. It was surprisingly easier than expected. Our goal was to teach the students how to have conversations between their sprits. After a general explanation in front of the class, the Spanish speakers drifted around the room, helping to explain the process one on one. We ate with our usual pairs for lunch. However the standard rice and beans become less appetizing everyday. We continued with our daily routine, going to Spanish lessons after lunch and teaching English in the afternoon. We returned to Asi es Mi Tierra as hungry as can be but had to wait over an hour before grubbing on our chicken dinner.

Day 11 7/14/11

We woke to what seemed like to perfect meal, pancakes and syrup. However the syrup was really honey and not one could finish the overly sweetened breakfast. In the time before we left for school, many people washed clothes. Every inch of the clothes line was full, though no clothes were dry by the end of the day due to the rain that began around 11. We continued the scratch program at the school, the out come was similar to they day before. After lunch with our partners, we attended our last Spanish session. We thanked our teachers before entering the lab and teaching fairly teach savvy Nicaraguans the basics of scratch. After waiting around for an hour in the rain, we attended a goodbye party. The ceremonies were full of thank yous and national anthems. We were given a wonderful juice and a rather strange waffle textured dessert. During the presentations, our Nicaraguan students brought us the key chains they had bought for us. They were a pleasant surprise. Next the classroom was filled with bombing music. The chairs were cleared out and the floor was filled with dancing people. We danced for quite a while before returning home and unwinding in the comforts if the hammocks.

Day 12 7/15/11

Today at school the Nicaraguan students shared their power points. It was very interesting to see their families and houses in the photos. It is strange to me how most of the people on Ometepe do not smile for pictures. Because our original plan of kayaking today was canceled due to expense and chance of rain, we returned to the beautiful ojo de agua. For lunch we ate a picnic styled meal brought by our partners. There were many events taking place at the pool. People swam, bought jewelry, and even tried to catch the baby fish that had gone unnoticed at the pervious visit. I climbed to a beautiful view point overlooking two volcanoes and fields of plantain trees for as far as the eye could see. The light warm breeze was truly blissful. Back at home the Nicaraguan girls brought us dresses for our goodbye dinner and dance number. It was rather funny actually because all the girls were very dressed up, though they were dinning with boys in casual shorts and T shirts. We ate dinner at Bens Café, It was a buffet styled meal with rice, beans, flour tortillas, shredded chicken, and a coleslaw salad. Our dance was held in the same location in the back room. The dance that had started with many pictures, ended with equally as many hugs. It took forever to leave as everyone hurried to say their last goodbyes. It is hard for me to think that I will probably never see these kids again. It’s a pretty sad thought because we had formed such strong bonds over the last two weeks. But I guess that’s why face book was created, huh? Once back home, everyone packed their bags and immediately went to sleep preparing for the early start the next day.