Day 13 - ZIP!

As Emily is a bit busy and too worked up over past blogs, I took up my extra duties as Tech Lead and decided to help on the blog. Stretching my fingers before I sat down to work the magic, I busted out the following blog…enjoy!

Cuddled tightly in my sheet and surrounded safely within my mosquito net, I had one of the best sleeps of my trip. It all came to a rushing end when I was awaken bright and early (which mean 8 am for me) by a pair of bright blue eyes telling me that I will be missing breakfast if I don’t get up right now. It took a few more tries for Madeleine before I woke from the dead but only with the promises of a hot cup of coffee. I later sat down at the table with a plate of rice and beans (as per the usual), eggs, bread, and of course, that hot cup of coffee.

Before long, the morning rush began. The team was only given an hour before we were going to leave, so both rooms were in a fury of movements. The girls’ bathroom became the popular spot as nine girls rush in and out with a few boys here and there picking up supplies from the med bag. We finally all made it onto the bus with much herding from the chaperones and Madeleine.

The bus was definitely one of the nicest we been on since we set foot on Nicaraguan soil. It came equipped with window curtains and something that I didn’t even know existed in this country, air-conditioning. Alas we were finally en route towards Momoba Tours for a great day of zip-lining and hiking. We arrived at the bottom parking lot in which our group of American teenager passed around sunscreen and bugspray like it was today’s hottest new thing.

Like the pack of animals we are, we piled into trucks operated by the company to the next station up the volcano. Let’s just assume these were the safest trucks we were riding and of course we were all wearing seat belts…..yeah right, I’m just kidding. It was a bumpy ride up to the top but when we finally arrived, we were greeted with an amazing view and guess what? Free coffee because this tour company that was located on a volcano was also a coffee plantation.

We harassed up tight and I signed my rights away on a waiver. Sorry, Mom! We took a short walk down to the first platform and before we know it, we were on our canopy adventure. We zipped from one platform to another with employees buckling in us in and taking us off the line. Some people got the hang of zip lining quick and well, others just hung. Some came to graceful stops and some just crashed into trees. Our adventures even included tight-roping and ropelling. And I’m glad to report after a very exciting day, that everyone is home and safe.

At the end of the tour, it started to pour. That coming from a fellow Seattlite, it was definitely pouring. We were drenched within seconds yet we still made the next leg of our trip. We all piled onto even more buses and made it up to the next lodge. It was so steep going up the road that two of the three vehicles, got stuck in the mud. Still we all made it up to the very cold top of the volcano. We rushed into the lodge to which we enjoyed a very tasty lunch. We decided to skip the 2 mile hike because we were all wet and quite miserable. So miserable that I swear Lucia’s lips were turning a bit purple.

We rode a single bus all the way down the hill before getting on our own bus to take us home. From there, we parted ways to spend some free time either hanging out back at the house or exploring the grand city of Granada. Most shops were closed considering it is Sunday, the international day of rest. Some of the students did some sight-seeing and made it up to a church tower to experience “the best view of the city”. As one of the students, I stand by that statement as I was blown away by the scenery of mountains on one side and city on another.

We met at our meeting spot before we head back to Claudia’s for a bit of down time before dinner. Before long, we were rushed out of the door and onto the streets as we made our way towards the restaurant. We reserved a table earlier so by the time we got there, we had our seats ready to sit in. The hostess came around for orders and finally, our food arrived. It was great Mexican as we all wolfed down our meals like it was the end of the world. With our bellies full, we stopped on our way home at an ice cream place. Room can always be made for dessert so we ordered our cones and sat in frozen bliss. We arrived home with everyone in a state of food coma before we each crawled into bed and under the safety of our mosquito nets to put an end to our very long day.


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