Day 14 - The Last Night

Today was a wonderful day. Waking up around 8 we sleepily trotted to breakfast, where we ate a delicious bowl of cereal with fresh bananas.

After breakfast we climbed aboard the most amazing bus in Grenada; complete with air conditioning and spacious seating. With no more than 15 minutes of riding with the windows down and a refreshing warm breeze, we approached our first destination. The outlook was truly beautiful. Even through the thin layer of fog, the giant lake shimmered. A faint outline of Granada stood in the distance along side the base of one of Nicaragua┬┤s many volcanoes. We entered the bus once again, after many photos, and drove to our main event for the day.

Location: Masaya Market. Mission: buy as many gifts and souvenirs as possible. The market was a blast. Many of the stands sold the same items, but their prices were different. The unmarked price tags of the items put our bartering skills to the test. For those who could not speak Spanish, the sellers pulled out calculators in which to debate priced with. The market was so busy and because all the stands looked similar, it was easy to get lost in it large maze shaped aisles.

After an hour of franticly shopping, we stopped for lunch. The food arrived quickly for it was ordered in advance and we ate slowly. After the meal full of delicious chicken and beef, the team roamed the market once again. Venturing farther into the stands I found beautiful paintings and well crafted pottery. Later a few people ran into an exotic fruit stand, and shared weird tropical fruit with the rest of the team. Among the interesting colored fruit was a bright pink dragon fruit and a fuzzy looking leche.

After returning to the house we went out for a fancy dinner and watched fire dancing street performers. At the moment everyone is lounging in the sitting room, quietly talking, and trying to enjoy the last few moments in Nicaragua.


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