Trip Leads

Logistics Lead: Catherine Berner

Technology Lead: Ben Geyman

Adult Chaperones: Mike Collins, Kate Demers, Nikki Gurley, Bob Huppe

About This Project

14 Garfield students and 3 chaperones traveled to Balgue, Nicaragua. Balgue is a small rural village that sits on the side of a volcano on Ometepe Island which is in the middle of Lake Nicaragua. The students brought 30 computers to install in Balgue's high school, and they also installed a few computers in a community center. In addition the team brought soccer balls, volleyballs, tetherballs, basketballs, and frisbees for the school because currently the students have no play equipment, and their PE classes consist of running and doing push-ups.

In preparation for the trip, the team worked hard at InterConnnection to learn tech skills designed to help them install and network the lab in Balgue. While at the school, the students worked closely with Nicaraguan students to install the lab, and they taught the Nicaraguans valuable tech skills that will help them make full use of the lab and maintain it after the Garfield students have left.