Day 7 - Oh Say, Can You See?

Happy 4th of July, everyone! While I write this back at the Finca, all you readers are probably out partying and watching fireworks. For us, today was not the most patriotic 4th of July.

Last night, many people stayed up late because we didn’t have to get up early in the morning. During the night, Hannah got sick and threw up. In the morning, Abe got up early because he was not feeling well and he sat in a rocking chair with a trash can next to him because he thought he would puke. Abe took a mystery pill which his dad packed for him and it made him feel much better by breakfast. Hannah, however, didn’t get better in time, so she didn’t go on today’s adventures. Jack refused to wake up on time again, and when he finally got up he was too groggy and not feeling so hot, so he stayed back too. Mike decided to chill at the Finca just in case they needed anything.

The rest of us walked down to the main road to catch a bus to Charco Verde. Charco Verde is a beach that has some trails going away from it and a big pond. The bus ride was really long so we were only able to swim for a few minutes before going on a walk around the pond. We split into two groups at one point, and the half that I was in walked across this peninsula to a view point of part of the island and the lake. It was nice, but Nikki and I agreed that it was not worth the hike considering how exhausted we all were. Bob was always ready to get moving and wanted to fit as many things into one day as possible, so we decided to move on to a new beach.

The second beach we took the bus to was La Punta de la Peloma (The Point of the Dove). On the way, Scott, Bob, and Kate made a stop to get us some knock-off Doritos chips and watermelons. At the beach, Scott cut all the water melons into thirds and we all got a slice. While making our way to the actual beach part of La Punta de la Peloma, Ben took a side-trip to hold this man’s pet squirrel. I took some pictures and the squirrel started to get restless so the man had to take the animal back. He had already offered to sell Ben the squirrel to which Ben replied, “Well, what would I possibly do with it?” Needless to say, the Geyman’s will not be having a new pet squirrel.

La Punta de la Peloma is really cool because somehow there is this big pier-like formation of sand that juts off the beach. You can basically walk off the beach on this narrow sand walkway and walk for a long time without drowning. Eventually we were just standing out in the middle of Lake Nicaragua. It was pretty wacky and the current started getting strong and the waves got bigger, so we had to head back to dry land to avoid disaster.

The bus ride back was super long and I fell asleep and woke up multiple times. It was dark when we walked up the road to the Finca, and we were back right at dinner time. Ben set a new rule at the meeting we are having right now: “You may stay up for the rest of the 4th of July but you may not be awake on the 5th.” Basically midnight has been set as the curfew to try and avoid further sickness. We are also getting up early tomorrow since we are still behind in the lab-construction due to the whole tub scenario at the beginning. Hopefully we can start teaching the kids tomorrow. Oh, and Jennifer has remind us that tomorrow is malaria medication day! YAAAY!

Estoy muy cansado,


P.S. - To my family: I miss you guys and I hope all is well. Also, I have decided that I want to get a fish.

P.P.S. - To Amy and the Geyman’s: Ben also wants a fish.

A Fourth of July Message from Madeleine

As a special gift on this joyous occasion, Will has finally given in to my begging and is letting me have my fifteen minutes of fame on this blog. He is making me hurry because the internet is working right now, but I’d like to say that despite the lack of patriotic barbecues and fireworks, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere other than Ometepe Island. Although moving here is not an option, because I’m too much of a daddy’s girl, I’d call this the best 4th of July I’ve ever had. I hope all is well back in Seattle and can’t wait to get off the plane in a place where it isn’t 234937248923 degrees. To mommy and daddy and sissy: I love you! Good night to all.



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