Day 8 - Black Monday

In my absence, as I was at the Finca sick today, Abe and Peter kindly volunteered to write the blog. Here they are:

Today, Catherine came into the man cave with the routine mission of waking up the slumbering beasts. Maneuvering through our piles of disgusting clothes, half-full glass soda bottles, and an astounding array of toiletries, she failed to wake us up on her first attempt. Like a ray of sunshine, she repeated this act four more times before Hannah picked up where Catherine had failed. Hannah confidently strolled into the pit of masculinity and burst into song. Somehow the men’s hearts were won and they crawled out of their mosquito nets one by one. Once we were all out of bed, we realized that we had a situation on our hands. Will was sick, and seemingly grumpy. We left him alone… Hannah and Jack also stayed at the Finca today nursing their sicknesses. All three are recovering and should be back in the field tomorrow.

The team hastily prepared for our trek to the school, when Abe realized he lost his shoes. In quite the situation, he commandeered Will’s flip-flops, mistake number one. As he left the room, Will gave him notice that they were sharp, and Abe ignored the caveat, mistake number two. Fast forward to our arrival at the school, and Abe discovered that the flip-flops were incredibly adept at removing skin, he desperately asked the rest of the crew for a spare pair of shoes, and Catherine was the only volunteer. A look of happiness turned discontent when he realized that they were size 5 women’s. He put them on his size 10 (mens) feet, and hobbled around for the rest of the day, yet another mistake. He claims they were comfortable; he probably just didn’t want to be made fun of anymore.

Once work was underway, we discovered that all of the kids were extremely tired and grumpy, possibly as grumpy as Will. We decided that letting the Nicaraguan students crimp our network cables without proper instruction (and a massive language barrier) was probably not the best idea. The entire morning was spent cleaning up the mess and redoing everything. Don’t worry, Sarah, any imaginable vacation would be far more enjoyable than this morning. Jubilance pounded us like the rain from a daily tropical storm. Fun. I think we all got to know each other a little bit better this morning, at least those that were capable of working. During our long day, we networked all of the computers, and configured 12 laptops for the teachers. During this process, we listened to a copious amount of No Ceilings, the infamous Lil’ Wayne mixtape, some Gucci Mane (who we, ironically, named our shared file folder for the network after), and our new favorite artist, Tha Joker.

We continued to work until 6, when we heard great news. We were going to get a ride back to the Finca on a bus. As we climbed on the bus, we surrendered to the seats, pushed down by our sense of accomplishment. Sure today was hard, but we got a heck of a lot done. Building character much? Abe, being the pro photographer that he is, managed to snap a few schnazzy shots around Balgue and on the bus. Peter, being the photo jocker that he is, is still showing the pictures to anything with a pulse, including the thousands of insects invading our dinner, and personal space... Abe. Punneh encountered a few in her food, and everyone was disturbed by her shrieks. We don’t understand how someone who chooses not to eat meat out of kindness to animals can hate beetles so much. Madeleine, the other animal lover, even threatened to slice a beetle in half.

We are blogging during dinner, and Peter is continuing to chow down on french toast. I don’t know why this is blog worthy, it is as routine as the sunrise. Every day, he is that one gringo who wants breakfast for dinner. The staff at the Finca are aware of this, and they know him by name when they approach him to ask if he will be continuing his tradition. The lady came over and tapped him on the shoulder before asking, “Peter, you have Pan Frances?”

As dinner came to a close, we started an endless crusade. We decided it was our job to solve the insect problem ourselves, and we starting the grueling battle to toss them all off the porch. There are two types of rampant animals on this island, stray dogs and beetles. Violence is prohibited when dogs are involved, but it’s fair game when bugs are the target. Jennifer is our expert bug wrangler, and everyone holds their breath as she daintily picks them up with a napkin and drops them over the railing. I’ve never seen such a refined technique when dealing with bugs. Catherine prefers a butter knife for the job. She just dropped one on Peter; I think he peed a little.

It’s going to be bed time soon, and everyone on the team needs it. Hopefully a night in the man cave will give the guys the rest they need. I’m sure the girls will do the same in their room of ponies, fairies, and whatever else they like.

Good night, and good luck.

Your guest bloggers for the night,

Abe and Peter