Day 9 - So Class, What Did We Learn Today?

I know you’ll all be overjoyed to hear that I’m back. Hannah, Jack and I, who were all confined to our beds yesterday due to various stomach sicknesses, were able to go down to the school this morning. Honestly, I probably should have stayed back, but I didn’t want to miss another day and I definitely didn’t want to stay at the Finca by myself.

We are in the middle of our third rainstorm of the day. I think this one is the worst, but they all have been sudden and amazingly wet. Rain should be wet, but this rain is ridiculously wet.

Catherine wasn’t messing around this morning and decided to get everyone up 15 minutes earlier than normal because apparently we were a half hour late yesterday. We arrived in time to have to wait 15 minutes for the principal to arrive and open the door to the lab. Good call, Catherine. We didn’t start right on time, though, because we had to set up an adjacent room with laptops on desks so that a group of us could teach students and teachers how to use Microsoft Word while another group of us finished the main computer lab. Three networking cables we found not working because they had been cut all the way through by an ignorant worker. Those were redone.

The teaching room operated fantastically, and the students and teachers all know how to type, edit fonts, insert images, add WordArt, and operate basic Word functions like cut, paste, and undo. Skylar led the teaching and his Spanish turned out to be adequate enough for the Nicaraguans to follow.

Now is that fun time where I share with you the significance of the title. Until lunch we had a full crew of workers including all kids and chaperones. At lunch, Ben was not feeling well so Mike escorted him back to the Finca. It may need reiterating, so I’ll tell you that the Finca is about 2 miles away, uphill, from the school (although Bob’s original estimate was a half mile…). I did not go with them, but Mike reported to me that Ben was feeling so nauseous they had to stop every 100 yards to take a break and eventually caught a ride the rest of the way to the Finca. When the rest of us got back to the Finca, Ben was asleep. Soon, however, he would appear in the doorway of the room and say, “OK, we have a problem. I just threw up all over my bed.” Needless to say, the Finca workers had to clean up Ben’s bed. He then resituated himself in a hammock. He then threw up in the hammock. His next attempt at rest was on the wood floor of the deck of the Finca. This too he would throw up on, but we realized that if he pukes on the wood floor we can just hose it off. Ben is now sleeping with a blanket and pillow on the floor. The reason for Ben’s sickness can be inferred. Sometime into his puking, it was discovered that Ben has been drinking the tap water for 2 days now. Only one white person on the island had told us that the water is safe to drink, everyone else said, “DON’T DRINK THE WATER.” Well, Ben did, and that is what he has learned: don’t drink the water. Bob is also in bed at this point and the last time Mike tried to check on him, Bob wouldn’t stop talking (as Bob is known to do) so we assume he is getting better. Bob is the most optimistic person I have ever met.

Back at the school during the day, the crew struggled to connect all the computers to the network which we named Gucci 2 (named after the rapper Gucci Mane). Catherine had scheduled a mini soccer tournament in our lunch groups, but, due to fatigue and illness, we decided to postpone that and head to the Finca early instead. The lab is still not completely done, but we have the laptops that we can use to continue teaching while we continue finishing the lab. We are multitasking now in order to finish.

Part 2: It is now day 10 but I have to finish day 9 because I got sick in the middle of writing last night and went to bed. The only thing from last night to report is that after Jack, Skylar, and Punneh decided to sleep outside a few nights ago, the group of outside sleepers increased last night to seven. For us who stayed inside, it was a pain because the large group of people wouldn’t stop talking. Nikki got fed up and told everyone to be quiet, and I know Jack was not happy about losing his serene sleeping conditions. Ben and I both took one of Abe’s “mystery anti-diarrhea pills” last night to try and help our stomachs, but you don’t get to find out how everything turns out until I write the blog of day 10 tonight… Oh, the suspense.

No fumar por favor,



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