Day 10 - As Close to Done As We'll Ever Be

This is Will. First and foremost, I want to address the concern about sicknesses. I think the food here is giving a lot of people indigestion and stomach issues. No one has a fever and for the most part it is a one-day thing. Ben’s was the worst, but only lasted a few hours. Mine has lasted the longest but has been pretty light on me. Hannah, Jack, Jackie, Jennifer, Punneh, Kate, and Bob have all also been sick. At this moment, Punneh is in bed and everyone else is up and feeling good. The bug is not that bad, just annoying, and it’s easy and okay to stay back at the Finca to recover.

On that note, last night I got sick again and didn’t go to the school today. I stayed back with Ben, Jennifer, Bob, and Punneh. It was a normal, boring sick day except for the World Cup Semi-Final. Bob and I were the only ones that got out of bed to watch it. Our only two fellow soccer-watchers were these two German women. They were pretty disappointed, but I (Spain has been my team to win it) and Bob (roots for Spanish-speaking nations) were happy. The TV was almost impossible to watch because the wind was strong and reception was bad, but we made it through. There were two work parties today: one went to the normal high-school and the other went to Mano Amiga. Since I wasn’t there, Madeleine is going to write about the day. Hopefully it will be less vanity-flicky than Abe and Peter’s guest post the other day.

Hello, everyone! As a novice to the blog-writing thing, the idea of each of you reading this is quite thrilling. I have been instructed to give an unbiased account of this tenth day of our life here on Ometepe Island, but I feel it is necessary to give a personal account of last night. It all started when I crawled under my pink mosquito net after a long evening of rain, only to find that the once-comforting, fort-like enclosure of my bed had become a cage for two birds. I later realized that they were only large moths, but that only makes it all worse. Long story short, several of the travelers who have moved their beds to the deck of the Finca were not pleased when I fled to their quarters dragging my bed behind me. I suppose I proved them right by shrieking all night when I discovered beetles in my bed.

This morning, the evil sickness that has yet to claim me had overcome the only five members of our group who were not holding a grudge against me from the past night. Needless to say, it was a quiet walk of shame to the school for me. Once in the lab, however, Skylar began to use his energy to lead the TSC clan in teaching Nicaraguans about the wonders of Microsoft Word, rather than reminding me of my past failures. His Spanish skills are really quite impressive. About a half hour later, Abe, Chara, and I left the school to begin installing three computers in the community center called Mano Amiga. Despite the distraction of a few painfully adorable puppies, which I was not given permission to pet, the three of us got some work done. We will return to finish crimping in the morning.

The Mano Amiga crew returned to the school to eat lunch with our Nicaraguan buddies. It was hard for the students to live up to the whole fish, complete with a face and eyes, that they brought me yesterday, but they do get extra points for the lack of rice and beans in today’s lunch. On the way back to Mano Amiga after lunch, I saw a pig, un cerdo, the size of Beethoven, that dog from the movies. I’ve decided that pigs are the best animals in this country because even though they are unbelievably cute, I don’t feel the same urge to pet them as I do with the sweet, lonely dogs that the group’s anti-rabies rules prevent me from comforting. I do, however, have about 50 pictures of different little piglets to share when we return.

Back at the Finca, it’s been a very relaxing evening. Despite devoting my attention to my book for a solid half hour, I only made it through about five pages due to the stress I felt about my approaching blog-writing duties. Just kidding, this is a piece of cake compared to spending the night scouting a bug-free place to sleep. Our spirits are all high, seeing as the lab was finished today. The best computer in the lab, “the teaching computer,” also has internet! All is well on the island.


P.S. - Sorry about the lateness of these posts. Internet access has been terrible and I have spent literally 2 hours at the school today making sure I posted this so as to minimize worrying.