Day 13 - Hit 'Em Up, Move 'Em Out, RAWHIDE! - Goodbye Ometepe

Catherine woke us up today to complaints that she had promised us we could sleep in and was now breaking her promise by getting us up at 9 AM. I knew, of course, that we had to pack so we couldn’t sleep in, but Catherine lied to make us feel better. It was our last day on Ometepe Island. Mike and Bob were pretty stressed out about getting everything packed. Our Nicaraguan buddies were coming to eat lunch with us and say good-bye at the Finca at 11, so the chaperones felt rushed. We kids, on the other hand, weren’t concerned at all. By 10:45 AM we had all of the tubs packed and sitting outside on the porch.

The students showed up slowly. Not all of them came but enough came that the ones who were there didn’t feel awkward. We had rice and beans, of course, and some delicious chicken for lunch. Catherine started getting stressed around 12:30 when we should have been leaving but we were still eating. Goodbyes lasted a fair amount of time and we took probably 20 or 30 group pictures (the Finca worker who was taking them was afraid they’d be bad so he kept going “UNO MAS! UNO MAS!”). The goodbyes were sad and a few people cried. We loaded onto the bus just before 1:00 PM, which was literally the last second based on the calculations of what we could do to catch the ferry. Honestly I was a little bit worried about missing the ferry, but I trusted the driver once he got out on open roads and was able to drive 70 MPH and pass everyone.

Our calculations were incorrect and, even though we left behind schedule, we got to the ferry over an hour before it shipped off. The tubs were stored in some room on the ship. I took a nap and woke up an hour later just as the ship was leaving the dock. We had some arguments over whether or not the boat was the exact same one as the one we came in on. I’m pretty sure it was. It started pouring rain just as we were leaving. Our last view of Ometepe was not of the beautiful volcano covered in luscious, green rainforest, but of a small strip of beach overshadowed by a dark, ominous cloud engulfing the entire island.

We loaded into vans on the other side and set off to Granada. The car ride was long and it rained a ton, but we had that cool flat screen TV coming down from the ceiling to entertain us. Our entertainment was a few mixes of music videos. Somehow we managed to watch the “Move Ya Body” by Nina Sky video four times. They didn’t offer much variety.

Darkness had set in by the time we got to Hotel Con Corazon, but, upon entering the hotel, we all remembered why we love this place: air conditioning, beds with real mattresses, a clean floor, no beetles falling from the ceiling (or any bugs at all), clean toilets that flush, real showers, and, of course, Wi-Fi (immediately a queue formed for internet use to check Facebooks and emails, which quickly got out of control and I had to use my blogging powers to cut in line and say “I have to blog, it’s my turn”).

We went out to dinner at a restaurant “Comidas Tipicas y Mas…” For those of you who speak Spanish you’ll understand how funny this name is, but for those who don’t understand the name literally means “Typical Food and More…” After spending 15 minutes picking out our own individual dinners, Catherine intervened and said we were just going to order a bunch of big platters like usual. I was disappointed because I didn’t want rice and beans again; I wanted “chicken in a pineapple bowl.” The “pineapple bowl” sounded awesome. The food that came was giant platters of meat and spaghetti. It was actually amazingly good especially after waiting for what seemed like hours for the food. We are now back at the hotel. It’s 10:30 at night and people are putting on their swimsuits to go swimming. It should be a good night.

Tomorrow is Jack’s birthday so festivities may be in order. However, Jack’s birthday may be overshadowed by the fact that there is a giant, all-day festival at our local square to celebrate the World Cup and Hotel Con Corazon is setting up a huge projector to watch the game.

Viva Espana and I’m rooting for you (but I will not be disappointed if Holland wins because they’re awesome too),