Trip Leads

Trip Leads: Olivia Borgmann, Jackie Monstream

Technology Lead: Michael Karges

Adult Chaperone: Craig Borgmann

About This Project

TSC team will be taking computers, installing computer labs, and working to serve youth at a school and orphanage near Lima.   The youth at the school and at the  orphanage range from pre-school to high-school age.  The tentative trip dates are July 22 to August 5.

To apply to be a student member of this TSC team in the months ahead, to participate in the many pre-trip work and activities, and to go on this trip, click here to complete the online trip application:  Trip Application

The online trip application and, attached online scholarship application (if you have need and wish to apply for scholarship funds) should be submitted by February 12th at 5pm.

Approximate trip fees per student will be $2200-$2400.