Day 1

We made it! After weeks of preparation the day finally arrived. The flight to Dallas went smoothly and quickly. Our connecting flight to Lima was delayed 40 min which allowed the group to pick up some snacks before the long 7+ hour flight. Unfortunately the flight was mostly all turbulence and the movie choice was questionable. Finally we touched down in Lima at 1:30 am.

To the relief of all of us Customs and Immigration was went smoothly minus the fruit sniffing security dog that resulted in the confiscation of many apples. The dog jumped on poor Maddie.

Coco met us outside of baggage claim and we soon realized that the bus he brought was not big enough to fit all of our tubs in the compartment underneath. We ended up squeezing everyone and most of the tubs above.

We embarked on the 30 min drive to the convent and were kept awake by the stench of all the fish processing plants we drove by.

We arrived at the convent at 3:30am and got settled in our bunk rooms. The accommodations are quite nice although we are still struggling to remember to throw the toilet paper away instead of flushing it.

Exhausted we attempted to open our tubs with a pair of kid scissors (which Grace broke in half) so we could get our pillows and sleeping bags. Ian saved the day with his large and very sharp knife, getting everyone’s tub opened. We easily fell asleep at 4:30 am, hoping that we would get to sleep in.

It’s been a long day but we are excited for whats to come.

Olivia and Jackie


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