Day 2

We all awoke this morning to a lovely cacophony of hammering coming from somewhere with in the convent. We were allowed to sleep in to 11am and then directed to a delicious breakfast Peruvian oatmeal, rolls, butter, jam, and coffee. We all rushed to finish breakfast because to happened to be the kindergartens recess.

After washing our dishes we went to the courtyard and got to know some of the little kids. They were all adorable and so eager to talk to you. One boy in particular was trying to recruit Ian on to his soccer team and wanted to play boys against girls. Unfortunately recess ended after a few minutes and the kids had to head back to their classrooms.

Coco decided that now would be a good time to exchange money so we walked to a bus station and boarded a bus to small market down the road from where we are staying. Half of us went inside to buy water and exchange money and the other half decided to stay outside and watch Ian, David, Jack, and Michael ride ATVs around a small track.

We took taxis back to the convent and Mike, CoCo, John, and Henry had to take a bus back but they ended doing a lot of walking due to a large protest.

When we were all back we ate lunch and some of us napped while others helped tutor the girls in the orphanage. The girls were so sweet and they instantly wanted to get to know us and play with them.

We ate a delicious dinner of beef, noodles, and vegetables and the boys played an intense soccer competition. Later we got to ask CoCo questions about Lima, the Puente Piedra School we’re going to be working at, and any questions we had about the surrounding area.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day installing computers so we are headed to bed to get our rest. We will post the next blog as soon as we can!


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