Day 4

We have just returned from Miraflores where we spent two nights at the Flying Dog Hostel. We headed over on Friday night for a weekend trip, and were astonished by how different the city is from Puente Piedra, where we are staying the majority of our time here. Our timing was superb; as the city was preparing for a parade. There seem to be quite a few celebration days here. After we got situated in our hostel, we visited a gorgeous seaside mall where Michael, Ian, David, and Jack were harassed by some local tweens at a fast food restaurant. We then rushed to keep up with Coco’s fast pace as we went to catch our Mirabus by the main plaza. The Mirabus offered a very extensive tour of local landmarks, which few enjoyed, and Mike continued to make jokes about three days later. We did stop at South America’s biggest fountain park, which was very impressive. Those who ventured into some of the more interactive fountains, Liv and Gwen for example, got quite wet. After this highlight, the tour took a turn for the worse when we stopped by the Sheraton at about 8:00 at night to eat finger sandwiches, coffee, and orange juice for fifteen minutes. As we exited, traditional dancers, including one white man in an extremely short skirt, hopped onstage. After what seemed like many hours more, some found food while others immediately returned to the hostel, seeking sleep.

- Loa and Sally


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