Day 5

On Saturday, we awoke for the first time in Miraflores. The view from the girls hostel room was amazing, with a gorgeous view of the main plaza and the parade preparations. At around 8 we headed to a complimentary breakfast at a nearby café, which John arrived to late, looking a little flustered. We were served different combinations of toast, eggs, and fruit, along with cantaloupe juice, which is definitely an acquired taste. We met up with Coco and were lead to a market, where vendors were extremely eager to capitalize on any slight interest we had in their wares. It gave us an excellent chance to practice our bargaining skills, and purchase an array of woven alpaca items, bracelets, bags, and clothing. Katherine opted out of buying things but did head into an instrument store and tried her hand at a Peruvian flute, which the vendors seemed skeptical about. After the market, we split up and had free time for about six hours, during which Loa and Sally (us) got lost in the cuts of Lima, but retraced our steps back to the hostel. Some visited the water, shopped, or walked around, and Grace finally got the vegetables she had been yearning for. Both lunch and dinner were left to us, and some got more fancy food while others opted for more comforting burger joints. At 6 we met up to go to a dance performance we were incredibly underdressed for, that was loud and slightly lengthy, yet culturally valuable. We enjoyed the dependably warm showers and packed for heading out of Miraflores the following day.

-Sally and Loa