Day 6

We (dem bois) woke up today with a very very early not so nice surprise from Mike telling us to get up. Struggling out of bed, we wearily walked to the showers and then after packing our bags stumbled out of our rooms and into the lobby. Due to a parade which was in our the way, we had to walk approximately seventeen blocks to our bus, which turned out not to be a bus, but actually two vans, which were too small so we had to get a cab. It was awesome! Then we went to a super cool fort from the colonial times and got a tour of the whole military base. The tour was quite strict however because there were several places we weren’t allowed to go, due to the fact that it was a semi-active outpost and they wanted to protect their grass because Peru is a desert and things don’t grow without intense irrigation. After looking at tanks and guns and statues and swords and canons and a prison, we walked out and went towards the shore to a world-acclaimed restaurant in which we sampled a variety of authentic Peruvian cuisines. The food was amazing and very fresh. Also the movie wedding crashers (in Spanish) was playing at the restaurant, which was pretty funny. Afterwards we continued along the coast and stopped at quite a peaceful ocean-shore for some rest and relaxation. Then we continued to where we were going to meet the bus that would bring us back to the “convent” in which we had originally arrived. On the way to the bus, a police escorted us through a somewhat shady neighborhood accompanied us; we safely arrived at the bus and slept all the way back “home.” After a quick game of futball with some of the visiting Peruvian school children, we had a delicious culturally accurate dinner provided by the ex-nuns and fell soundly asleep. All together it was quite an exciting and eventful day.


- Dávid ý Jack


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