Day 7

The expectation: every day life starts at 8:00AM. And that is true, if you’re 25 or older. For us, it’s a slow, ever-acclimating process of transitioning from summer living back to habitual existence that usually means lying in bed for 45 minutes extra. After breakfast, we split up into two groups. The first group learned how to take the bus up to the school, while the second group walked the same route as Thursday morning. When we arrived it was straight to business. First was the chaotic process of creating a plan of attack for how to cram 29 laptops onto six tables. After 30 minutes of moving tables like Tetris blocks deciding which fit better where (the desks are different sizes & shapes), we decided to make a T formation in the room in order to optimize the efficiency of our wiring situation. There were 2 outlets in the room and no extension chord so this proved to be harder than expected. After two hours we had all the laptops in the correct position and were ready to install the game-changing feature of this school’s new lab, internet. This lab required lots of wiring to get 29 computers Ethernet cables so we had to stop and go to a not-so-local hardware store to buy more wiring as well as tape, Velcro, and zip ties which will help keep the lab organized after we leave. Knowing that the lab was well on its way to being finished by the schools planned “computer lab inauguration ceremony” on Thursday, and running on empty stomachs, we made our descent from the hillside school and returned to the convent. We were greeted with the best meal thus far by anyone’s measure, which can improve anyone’s day. Being stuffed we then spent the rest of the day at the convent. We solved a computer issue at the convent lab location as well as played with the girls here in the courtyard. Tomorrow we plan to complete the lab at the other school and install the offline Wikipedia page. That will conclude our computer work here in Peru. The rest of the time is reserved for teaching the students how to use the computers and its programs.

-Mike and Ian out.