Day 10

Last day at the school/Chloe’s birthday! We woke up around 8 to more Peruvian celebratory music along with misty air and a slippery ground, had the usual breakfast of rolls and jam (plus some of the tasty cornbread-like stuff from the night before), and headed up to the school on local transportation. Once at the school, we promptly began to finish up on the lab. There were a few minor networking issues, but they were fixed with a lil crimpin and reworking of some wires. Sadly, we did not have a chance to teach more than a few students how to use the computers, but the computer teacher at the school should be able to help with that. At around 12:30, the lab was complete, and all of us minus John and David walked on to a stage in the play court of the school for a mini ceremony. The ceremony ended up being about 100 students and the principal clapping and chanting each of our names. The girls from the school swoooooned when Henry’s name was announced, and the boys did the same for Jackie ;). After Henry escaped the mob of girls and the rest of us said our final goodbyes, everyone headed back to the convent for a delicious meal of rice, potatoes, chicken with a pea and lentil sauce, and flan for dessert. Most people spent the afternoon watching movies and napping (just me) while the chaperones went out and picked up a lot of snacks for our weekend trip. Dinner was served early, and it was a very homey meal of chicken soup with rice. We “surprised” Chloe with a chocolate cake with candles that spelled out “Feliz Cumpleanos”, and then about half of us went to Mass at the church just behind where we sleep. Those who went were pleasantly surprised with the very kind group of mostly elderly women who welcomed us in the middle of the service, and also by the hipster guitar player. The hymns were lovely, and many of us agreed that it was the most interesting service we’d ever been to. Now, everyone is packing for the weekend trip to the Highlands and Mira Flores once again. It’s sad knowing that today was probably the last chance we’ll have to visit the school (unless we make time on Monday), but it’s great that we accomplished what we came here to do. Adios!



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