Day 8

Today half the group went to the school in order to finish the lab. Unfortunately the man with the key failed to show up, and so after two hours of sitting and waiting we decided to go back to the convent. The other half had planned on going up later to teach the kids. While the first group was gone at the school the second group cleaned the bathrooms and tidy up the rooms. They also enjoyed trying out all the black market DVD's that were found at the convent and staying inside away from the misty fog. Later we all went to a large mall about a 30 minute bus ride away. We all got Bembos ice cream and some saw a man getting chased down for shoplifting. However, when we returned to the convent a few of the girls (Sally, Helena, Maddie) weren't feeling too well and went to bed early. Hopefully we can get it to the lab tomorrow!


-Jackie and Olivia


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