Day 9

Today we woke up and went to the school hoping that the man with the key had actually remembered to show up.  We trekked through the cold and the rain and Maddie’s white Converse turned brown. The man with the key did show up thankfully and we set to work on the lab. When working on one of the computers Henry got shocked multiple times without anyone believing him, until a few other people started getting shocked as well. We soon realized that the fingerprint scanners were the culprits. We fixed the problem by covering the scanners with electrical tape. Henry, John and Craig worked together to fix the door to a classroom by using a nail removed from the fence and a hammer to drill new holes for the hinges. We came close to finishing, and then headed back home for lunch. We rejoined with Sally who sadly had to stay back because she felt sick, but she gladly got better throughout the day. We had a pleasant surprise waiting for us in the dining room, it was a fine Italian cuisine of spaghetti and meatballs. After lunch we relaxed for a little and then a few of us went to teach some of the orphans how to use the computers. While this was going on an intense game of kickball broke out in the courtyard. Later on we watched a movie and Katherine saved the day multiple times by running up to hit the DVD player whenever the screen froze on the pirated movies. For dinner we had squash soup and this heeellllllaaaaa good corn bread. Henry would like to say Goodnight and love from Lima

- Henry and Maddie


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