Trip Leads

Logistics Lead: Talia Lawrence

Technology Leads: Jake Shields, Cece Wheeler

Adult Chaperones: Barb Gurley, Tim Hall, Marcus Harden, Phuong Truong

About This Project

The trip has a diverse team of 20 students from Garfield High School and 4 adult chaperones. 12 of the 20 students are receiving scholarships. They will travel to Vietnam to set up computer labs with 60 laptops that the Gates Foundation generously donated.

TSC is partnering with the Viet Nam Scholarship Foundation to set-up the computer labs in Reading Rooms in 3 locations in the An Giang Province in Vietnam:

  1. Phu Vinh Church.
  2. Vinh Hoa A Primary School
  3. Vinh Hoa B Primary School