Day 1 - April 11

We’re in Vietnam! After a long, grueling trip we have finally arrived. The first flight we took was Seattle to Incheon, South Korea (right outside of Seoul) which took about 12 hours. Then we took a connecting, 5 hour, flight from Incheon to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam where we had a little trouble getting all the computers through customs after the flight. After a while of negotiating we got 30 computers through and hopped on a bus for a 7 hour bus ride to Chau Doc. During the bus ride we took two different ferries and got to see the sunrise on the first. When we finally arrived at the hotel, the very first thing we did was go to the pho restaurant right next to the hotel and grab breakfast (best pho ever). We then got our room assignments and headed up to the, thankfully, air conditioned rooms where we showered, rested, and awaited the rest of the day’s activities. Around noon we walked down the road to another small restaurant where everyone ordered various rice and meat/seafood dishes (also delicious) and stocked up on lots of water to keep in the rooms. We then all filed onto the bus for a ten minute ride to a church where we watched the ceremony of kids getting scholarships from the Vietnam Scholarship Foundation. After all the scholarships were handed out and a couple of lovely performances from the kids (some singing and trumpet) we played games with them, took lots of pictures, exchanged names and then got back on the bus. When we got back to the hotel everyone grabbed their American money and we headed to a close market to get the money exchanged. We’re all now millionaires! After getting our money we walked around the market for a little while, but sadly most of the vendors were closing up. Yet again, we filed back on the bus and drove to a nice restaurant where we feasted on eel, short ribs, crab, and even snake (FYI it tastes a lot like chicken). After a long day (or technically 3 days) of no real sleep and hot weather we were all glad to head back to the hotel and climb in bed for a good night sleep.