DaY 2- April 12

Today we got up bright and early at 7:30. We headed down to the small street restaurant next to the hotel where we feasted on a delicious rice and egg breakfast. After everyone finished eating we climbed on the bus and headed to Vinh Hoa (school) B to meet the principal and then to Vinh Hoa A to set up the labs. When we first got there all of the kids at the school swarmed the buses and welcomed us to the school. The kids screamed and laughed when Marcus, one of the (very tall and large) chaperones, got off the bus. We brought the computers to the school and split in half, half of us setting up computers and half of us playing with the kids. When we played with the kids we blew up soccer balls and were led to the field by about 30 kids where we sprinted around kicking the balls and almost passing out from heat. All of the kids were extremely fast and hard to keep up with, showing off skills of future soccer stars. While some of us played with the kids, the others were programming the labs and crimping. Crimping is a way of cutting and ordering wires in the Ethernet chord to make it so the internet actually connects to the computers. After about an hour and a half we walked down the road to two small restaurants where we got soup (almost pho, but not quite) and rice mixed with pork. A lot of the kids followed us to the restaurants and after eating, Alex, Edward, Jake, Luc and Nate all took turns picking up the kids and swinging them in circles. We walked back to the school to finish the last of the computers and show the teachers how to use the computers. All of the kids were still there awaiting our return so that we could play again. Playing consisted of tag, water fights, karate battles, volleyball, and more. Though there was a language barrier, the kids were really fun to play with and we were told by Gary (one of the Vietnamese Scholarship Foundation workers) that he’d never seen them happier. After an entire day of playing we, sadly, had to leave the school to go back to the hotel. As we were leaving it started to drizzle and we heard thunder, but the rain (much to our dismay) didn’t get any worse. We got back to the hotel where we rested and hung out for an hour and a half and around 6:00, yet again, we filed back onto the bus. We ended up going to the same restaurant as last night, but this time we pre ordered food (sweet and sour soup, duck eggs, fish, rice, but unfortunately no snake). We also feasted on some fresh, delicious mangoes and watermelon (taste of heaven).  We were told that after dinner we would get ice cream (lies), but after we walked home from dinner everyone was down for the count and the troops could not be rallied. It was pretty hot during the day, and playing with the kids was exhausting but overall the day was very fun and a success.


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Diane Schumacher says:

Thanks for the vivid post, Pip!

All the food descriptions are making me hungry (and envious). Loved the details of the day's activities--especially playing with the kids! How sweet to be able to provide that much fun and happiness! Good job, everyone!

Karen Carlson says:

We are enjoying reading about your activities and food adventures.

Thanks! It will be fun to see the photos when you get back home, and It sounds like you will all need to take a vacation before returning to school! :)

Vickie San Juan says:

Wonderful post. Sounds like some good food! And good times. Thanks for the detailed account, it makes a big difference to those of us at home to hear about your trip in 'real time'.

Allan Batchelder says:

I am so happy for all of you and equally glad you can share it with one another.

Proud of you, too!

Matthew Lawrence says:

Wow, great writing Syd (StK)... I am there with you as you describe all the great accomplishments and fun you are all having. So proud of all you kids, and know you are building a life-time of friendships and memories.

Keep it up, and take lots of pics!

Nam-Phuong Nguyen says:

Sounds like a full day of work and fun. These children are so lucky to have you come visit and spend time with them. I hope you got to know the local people and children outside the school and church as well. Vietnamese are very friendly people and love learning new things from foreigners especially practicing their English. I hope everyone have enjoyed the beauty and culture in hopes that one day you return with your family to explore Vietnam some more. The snake sounds exotic, hopefully you'll be back to try it and get the ice-cream that was promised!