Day 3 - April 14

Day 3: Everyone woke up much too early for their liking. 4:30 am is considered extremely taboo by most American teenagers. However this allowed us to witness an amazing sunrise that shone through grey smog creating an iridescent glow that none of us have witnessed before. After morning routines we made our way to breakfast, you guessed it pho. We then all hopped in the air conditioned bus which was full of interesting snacks such as squid flavored chips and seaweed Pringles. It was a short ride from the hotel to the church where we were to set up the computers.  When we arrived we were ushered into a room across from the main chapel to set up the lab. Mass crimping ensued, and within an hour all the computers were connected to the network. Meanwhile the rest of us got to play and hang out with the children. The kids showed off their bible study classes and we played a game of Pictionary. Andy is quite an artist and his free form interpretation of an elephant left them speechless. We then transitioned to the chapel to find a set of instruments.  Nate played harmonious riffs and chords while the duo golden voices rang through the church.  We then hopped on the bus to go to lunch. We drove a few blocks away and began walking down a dirt road. After about a 10 minute walk we arrived at a beautiful hideaway tucked between palms and rice paddies. We were served coconut marinated chicken and fried rice. It was heavenly to say the least. We then returned to the bus to go back to the church to teach the kids how to use the computers. These kids were our age or younger so we had a lot to relate to. Once again we said goodbye and returned to the hotel, took quick showers and went to the market. We relentlessly haggled to get incredible deals on “designer” belts and watches. Tired from shopping we got dinner. The less adventurous had pho, the brave few had grilled pork and fried eggs. Everyone was more or less over their jet lag and wanted to party. We found a coffee shop/ dance club only 50 yards behind our hotel. The coffee was great and the dancing was intense. We played all the hits like Gangnam Style. The dancing left us exhausted, we showered and went to sleep ready for another exciting day.


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Monica Van says:

Thank you! We love to reading about your day describing the sceneries, your activities, your activities with local kids, and the delicious food adventures.

Excellent job, everyone. We are proud of each of you.

P.S.: Congrats on getting incredible deals. :D

Diane Schumacher says:

Thanks, Alex, for the great post of Day 3! We are so happy to be able to have such detailed posts--can almost see, hear, and taste everything. Very proud of all of you for what you're accomplishing, not the least of which, making many deposits in your--and all the folks' you are meeting--memory banks.

Enjoy your day "off"!

Alan kahn says:

Hope you got some video! Love the scenes you're painting with your words but would love pics as well.

Matthew Lawrence says:

Nice work Alex - As usual I'm always a little hungry after reading all of your posts... Every good team runs on it's stomach, and it sounds like you are all enjoying the local fare. So glad you are all sharing music, playtime and learning with all your new-made friends. So glad you are all having a great trip.

Nam-Phuong Nguyen says:

I love reading these blogs! The details and "flavors" makes these stories so real and the foods so incredibly delicious and enticing. I'm so glad everyone had time to relax and dance the night away after all the hard work. Hope they have the same music and dance steps here. You guys must've shown them a new move or two. I hope everyone got a great deal on their souvenirs or at least now you know how to haggle with the prices. Glad to hear everyone is eating well and trying new things. Quite the connoisseurs you are now!

Debra Prinzing says:

What a great narrative - thanks for sharing all the fun, flavorful, sensory details of your experience, Alex. I'm so happy that you are all having a great time, learning a lot, and creating amazing memories!

Love you (sorry, hope that's not embarrassing!)