Day 4 - April 14

Today we got up and ate Pho or rice again for breakfast and lunch, as there are only two types of restaurants near our hotel and the schools.  After breakfast, we loaded onto the bus and headed down to the school. When we got down to Vinh Hoa B (the second school) we did our regular procedure and installed computers.  After that it was a fun day,  People played rounds of Uno, dribbled soccer balls with kids, did lots of arts and crafts with kids (drawing, friendship bracelets, origami) which was a really good learning moment for all us of since we learned from Vietnamese words and taught them some English words.  The day winded down with us heading back to the hotel to plan our itineraries for tomorrow.  We are heading out to see a Buddhist mountaintop  temple and caves with shrines.  Exciting days are ahead.  More to come.