Day 6 - April 16

We woke up to one of the hottest days so far, temperature around 93 degrees. After a Vietnamese version of bacon and eggs, which was marinated pork, and a fried egg on a bed of rice (costing around $1.50), we were off to the Vinh Hoa Language schools where we set up our computer labs. Our group of twenty-four was split into two teams that were assigned to school A or school B. Our bus driver has been amazing navigating the narrow streets with our big bus, an air conditioned oasis that transports us to our desired locations. As we arrived at our school, we were greeted by two rows of school children that outlined a path to the computer lab; as if we were being inducted into their hall of fame. We marched into the technological learning center like an international geek squad. Eleven eight to ten year old children filed in a sat down next to each TSC member and we began the process of introducing ourselves, chatting on Google Translate and establishing how much experience each kid had with the machines. After we taught the basics of Microsoft word we went outside to enjoy iced coffee and a couple games of jump rope with the children before a lunch of Pho and more iced coffee.


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Maggie Heffernan says:

hooray for the international geek squad! thanks Nate. I was wondering what the roads were like, good to know you have an ace bus driver...........

Alan Kahn says:

Hall of fame Geek Squad already?! Sounds awesome but too hot.

Diane Schumacher says:

Love the royal welcoming! Sounds like an amazing, albeit sweltering, day for you all! Thanks!

Matthew Lawrence says:

Yeah, I'm thinking International Geek Squad will stick... that's perfect! And really enjoy the heat.... we're not getting much of that back here right now. Love all of everyone's writing - very descriptive, helps all of feel a little like we're there with all of you. I think the Pho restaurants back here will be seeing more of you after you return, you're developing a habit! Have fun!

Jim Krieger says:

Congrats on getting the job done AND having so much fun. It is so heartwarming to hear about all the people you are meeting and the connections with them.

Nam-Phuong Nguyen says:

Love reading everyone's blogs. Made it feel like we were there (wish we were!). Hope everyone enjoyed eating all the delicious variety of Vietnamese foods and pho. Also hope your Vietnamese is getting better each day. Glad the children were able to enjoy their new computers and hope they keep in touch with their new pen pals from the U.S. They will greatly miss all the fun they had. The big city will be exciting and fun. Be careful crossing the streets. Can't wait to hear everyone's stories and see all the pictures taken on your safe return home. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Lokelani Lockwood says:

I just got your blog - love all of your detailed descriptions and creative writing. It sounds like you are having an amazing experience. I am glad you have an air conditioned oasis to escort you through the city. I can't wait to read more and see some pictures. Thinking of you so much!! Moma

Jory Kahn says:

Wow great straight to the various points description of a full and rich day. I feel like I'm a little bit there with you. You guys are doing good work and I imagine that feels great! Love uncle Jory ha ha