Day 10 April 20

Today was the earliest most of us woke up during the entire trip. We were greeted by banging on doors and an energetic Tim around 4:30 in the morning. However, what was to come was well worth the price of losing a few hours if sleep. We were out of the hotel within an hour and hopped on a new bus ready to take us on a tour to the beach town of Vũng Tàu. Our tour guide was a vibrant and lively character named Bee, who stated he could not fly but he could sure sting. After an hour of driving we stopped for breakfast at what must have been the most beautiful rest stop in all of Vietnam. We then got back on the bus for about another hour and a half. Though it felt much shorter due to the jokes of Bee. Eventually we arrived in the rather large town of Vũng Tàu. Our first destination was the giant 32 meter statue of The Christ on top of one of the mountains surrounding the city. The statue is even taller than The Christ in Rio de Janeiro. We climbed all the way to the top of the mountain and up into the statue to find stunning 360 views of the ocean and city. Everyone was incredibly hot and sweaty and wanted nothing more than to swim. We hurried to beach and sprinted to the sea. The water was very warm and almost painfully salty. Many abandoned the fun waves to tan. The playing and splashing stirred a hunger in us all which was satisfied in a massive "palace". After our huge meal of seafood and other Vietnamese delicacies we had two more stops on our tour. The first being a beautiful Buddhist temple, the second being a strange dairy farm and market. It was finally time to return to Ho Chi Minh for some rest and relaxation to prepare for tomorrow.

Barb’s added comments

It was Phuong’s Birthday today – so My and Barb went to a local bakery and bought an assortment of delicious cake slices.  We went to Five Oysters and ate dinner at a roof top garden which was very beautiful looking out at the city at night.  A round of Happy Birthday was sung by all to say thanks for all of the hard work Phuong has done translating on the trip.


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