Day 7 - April 17

April 17th, our last day with the kids!

The team split into two for Wednesday and Thursday - half was at A Vinh Hoa School and the other half was at B Vinh Hoa School for both days. It was a crazily hectic and happy day. It was our second and last day of teaching and playing with the schoolchildren. I was lucky enough to get to go to the A school and Cece led our team with unimaginable grace considering she was the only lead in our group.

Luc and Henry did a great job engaging the kids (and keeping the masses from flooding the 11-computer room so that students took turns). They played Red Light Green Light and some other running-intensive games (which was impressive considering the 90-degree weather).

Inside, we had waves of children who quickly caught on to using the internet, Paint (Ve!), and using clip art on PowerPoint. They answered questions about themselves, their family, and their interests. So even though most of us couldn't speak Vietnamese, by way of Google Translate, Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint, we got to learn from the kids we taught.

We had lunch down the street from A Vinh Hoa, and some kids from there walked down the street to follow along. Students at B (which was farther away) were shuttled by our bus to meet us for lunch, and rumor has it that one of the kids from B hopped on the back of a motorcycle to follow the bus and hang out with us during lunch. That kid received some special treatment (lessons in flicking bottle caps from Nate and getting to beat up Marcus).

Like the two other days we spent at the school previously, we waved goodbye when it was time to leave. It was hard, though! They trapped us where we stood. Kids swarmed us, holding up scraps of paper and notebooks and asking for our signatures (always saying "thank you" afterwards), which reminded us simultaneously how much we were endeared to those kids and how much we never wanted to be famous. We gave them lollipops which some of the team's parents bought in the US and had the kids bring along. Some gave drawings to us and they kept saying "see you soon," not knowing that it was our last day. They followed us to the bus and waved (which you will see adorable videos at the photo-viewing day courtesy of Marcus).

Goodbye An Giang! Saigon, here we come.


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